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Eh? Oh my fucking Dog, we got a white Tenere down, a white Tenere down...

calm down, there are survivors.

We were riding over a few nice passes and always looking for nice gravelroads.
Nightmarion was first in our group of four. She was not very fast, so Joerg was
overpassing her, maybe to show her "how real man are riding" and stuff. Nice
idea .. not so nice was his bad braking manouvre at the very next turn. Next
thing she saw, was a white and red Tenere flipping over a thornbush and a
"yippeeyeah" yelling Joerg falling into the bushes.

There was no real damage, neither to the rider nor the Tenere. Good old
heavy metal stuff. After this stunt, Wolfi and Joerg were going to look for
some more "adventure" and maybe thornbushes, but nightmarion and me
were heading to la caletta to check emails and drink ... cappuccino. what else.

and when sitting there, waiting for our friends, we realized, our short holiday
is over soon. tomorrow at 20:00h our ferry is leaving this beautyful island.
only a short time is left till the 750 km long way from livorno to munich is bitter sweet

but there are a lot of roads to explorer tomorrow, before we have to hop on
the ferry and then there will be a long dark night till we reach italy.
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