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final drive?


I saw your quote below. Do you have the evo paralever rear end? I've got a clicking noise coming from the rear end on my 05GS with 17K on it, and the dealer tells me I need a new FD. (Say they also see evidence of a leaking seal, although they had it 1000 miles ago and didn't say anything.) I don't want to shell $2K, so am thinking of digging in on my own. How much work went into your replacement? Got any pics? Thanks in advance for any help.

Originally Posted by cgdR
I rode bike for about 1500 miles on a rough crown bearing. After disassembly, I found one pitted ball and a pitted race. The seals and gears were in such good shape (@42,000 mi) that the only thing I replaced was the bearing (about $110). Total time for replacement: about 3 hours. Those are FD failures we can handle!
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