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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente
What does the Chile earthquake disaster mean for ASO's 2011 dakar plans??

Just wondering out loud; what ramifications the recent Tsunami/earthquake disaster in Chile of the last few days will have on eventual negotiations with the Chiléan government for the Dakars return (for the third year) to south America. Probably a bit crass on my part... I am sure that the Chilean authorities have far mor pressing matters on their minds right now, than a rally next january to consider... But I just saw a report from Santaigo on the news a few minutes ago, and by all accounts the devestation is catastophic, and covers the vast majority of Chile's pacific coast (the 2010 edition of Dakar spent what...? four - or five - nights in this region?).

I am sure that thsi is going to factor heavily in ASO's negotiations/decision for 2011 now...? Presumeably Argentina is still keen? What about Brazil...? Maybe the Brazillian admisistration is willing to take up the slack, if Chile (understandably) cannot be involved due to the rebuilding/re-establishment project after the disaster? By all accounts the Des Sertoes is a good calibre rally event and use the terrain, infrastructure and local know how from that event, dovetailed to the existing Argentinian "dakar" formula to produce a Dakar classic on south American soil for 2011?

For now though, it's probably more appropriate to send a thought to the millions of injured, homeless and those struggling to rescue/assist them in Chile right know... a real tradgedy... luck in coping with the aftermath Chilé, my thoughts go out to all our friends there.
Yeah......maybe a bit crass; but a realist possition.

I thought the effected area was further south but when you see the devistation it's hard to believe it's not just everywhere.

Even more crass - riding through a disaster effected country or riding through a third world we help the people who have lost everything or the people who had nothing in the first place?

In the end I would think the Chilean government would still want the Dakar, it brings international attention to their plight and maybe even a welcome distraction for it's citizens. Life must go on.
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