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I am located at Pantano and 5th, Far Horizons Tucson Village (a blue hair RV park.) Covered, concrete carport. Until late April (when most of the blue hairs go home) working on more than one bike at a time is no-go. Summer rules are a lot looser than winter ones.

Tools, all the usual suspects sockets, ratchets, breaker bars (with a cheater pipe,) a real good torque wrench. Hammers. 5hp compressor, pneumatic tools (ratchet, impact, drill, cutoff wheels, nailers, a coupla spray guns w/regulator.) Some sockets that are larger than the usual candidates--30 mm deep wall, impact socket for GM hub nuts, 1 1/8, 1 1/4 sockets. 1/4 1/2 3/8 drive sockets, extensions, wobblers, and drives.

Got a broomstick for taking fork legs apart, necessary to keep things form spinning inside the leg.

M/cycle jack, tire spoons, valve remover tool. Many automotive jacks (bottle and floor jacks.) Cheep multi meter from HF, digital & dial micrometers, and a mic for measuring runout (but no attachments or frames.) Some feeler gauges, wire gauges for spark plugs.

Hobart handler MIG welder (currently even have gas.) Grinders, pedestal grinder one side is stone, the other is a wire wheel. 1/2 in drive drill. Drill press (fairly good sized) various sized drills of various qualities. Ox/acetylene torch setup with small tanks (no gas, tho,) kinda the HVAC/Roofer special. Anyone who can afford to fill the bottles can borrow it.

I have manuals for the 08 & later KLR, DR 650 (95 & earllier.) If I can ever get into my old hard drive, I have manuals for later DR 650 and earlier KLR.

I have a single bike, small, very light trailer. The trailer lights work most of the time. & a Chevy Lumina with a trailer hitch.

In my 'useless' tool box, a valve spring compressor, piston ring compressor, some larger hones, brake spring tool, induction timing light w/variable advance. McPherson strut spring compressors. Easy outs. Some helicoil stuff. An air pop riveter. An oversized pop riveter. Cheep taps and dies from HF. A/C vacuum pump (electric.)

The usual rules about cleaning up, catching fluids, and recycling parts/fluids apply.
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