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what's the worst that can happen by putting to large a tire on narrow rim??

Originally Posted by PremieRacing
Is there any way that 1.85x19 and 3.00x17 would work for 990 Adv.?

What is the worst that can happen if I manage to fit 110 or 120 front and 150 at the back? Is it possible?

i am imagine the worst that can happen is hurting/maiming/killing some innocent soul that had nothing to do wih me not putting the recommended tire size/aspect ratio/rim width and types me getting into an accident because the tires popped off their bead and deflated suddenly

I saw your rim_tire chart but I had to ask :)
well,,this tire chart is not the bible,,,but it does run pretty close to conventional wisdom and wheel/rim and tire manufacturers recommendations....there are reasons why low aspect ratio tires need wider rim widths...for stability and not having the tire tuck under when cornering....

FYI what could work are std 100% aspect ratio tires like a 110/100 or A 150/90 OR 100 FROM 70% 0N DOWN YOU'LL NEED EVER WIDER RIMS TO HAVE THINGS WORK... still didn't tell me the intended use or rationale for attempting this set-up


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