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Originally Posted by fetid_swamp
Why would they put a new 450 lc4 sort of donk in a big chassis designed for up to 730, esp when their compeditors will be running smaller and lighter chassised machines (eg, sherco, ape, Yamaha).
Couldn’t they just adapt the 450/530 chaassis they already have?

Could this be the holy grail about to arrive. A not as highly strung (designed reliable), med-hi po 450 class bike, 6 speed in a highly competent chassis and susp setup suitable for riding, riding and riding. As opposed to riding, maint, riding.

Sort of like a modern drz but with power, handling, suspension and light weight, 90% setup from the factory… (now I mention it its not much like a drz at all. Ha)

Waiting with baited breath.
Hee hee - the "450 Adventure" the Americans (particularly) have been crying out for here on ADVrider... be a nice thought huh?

As I said above, it is interesting and indeed telling that KTM don't seem to be building something around their existing EXC bikes/engine? And strange - since a lot of privateers finnish the Dakar perfectly well on modified (Meca'system etc) EXCs...?

But then of course the factory boys couldn't be seen to be riding something so 'everyman' now could they? Especially if it means their performance would be closer to what everyone else is riding...

Lets' hope the can sell a few RC8s and X-bows to help finance this new project eh?

J xx
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