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Originally Posted by Velocipede
Miguelito,I'm really enjoying your RR.I've just recently got back to Ontario after a couple of months in Baja and covered much of the the route you took,even stayed in some of the same motels you did.Your ability to sniff out good lodgings is way better than mine though as I usually ended up paying far too much for less than satisfactory accommodations.I found Baja could be quite expensive.Next winter its going to be the Copper Canyon and then further down the west coast where I'll probably be roughly on the route you are taking now.Thanks for taking us along,great info.
Thanks John. I found Baja a little more expensive than the mainland also, but I still miss the food at El Cadil, and Danny's asadero in Mulege. One of the things I've realized this trip is that the higher priced rooms seem to be in the beach towns, but even there you can find some bargains if you check around. One of the things I try to do is negotiate lower rates for longer stays, so I can usually save money that way. This approach is harder to make work in the tourist towns, but isn't impossible. A lot of Mexico's tourist trade is slow this year with the economy in the state it's in. This year, I'm making stays in one place of up to a month, so it actually becomes quite affordable to have a really nice place for a fraction of what the day-rate would add up to.

Originally Posted by soulduck
Miguelito, you have morphed. Next thing you know you'll have opposeable thumbs. I'm enjoying your trip too and waiting for those pictures.
I get lost easy. Do you use paper maps, GPS, what? Any suggestions.
Soulduck, not sure if I'm getting opposable thumbs or webbed feet at this point. I do love the ocean temperature here. I use maps. I can see the advantage of a gps, esp when navigating in a city, (where street signs and route markers virtually disappear too often), but can also see a huge disadvantage if your gps breaks or is lost, or stolen. I recommend as most here do the Guia Roji maps. The other ones they sell in Borders Books are OK in a pinch, but I've seen more than one place that while not in the wrong position on the map, had the orientation of roads kinda f@#ked up.
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