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Originally Posted by Bluebull2007
To change the subject: Im curious why you have said nothing about the WR 450 for the Dakar? Dont you like the Yamaha or its it the attraction of the kTM/BMW that is motivating you?
Ah, that's cos I'm playing my cards close to my chest... x

Actually, I thought I had mentioned the WR (I know others have) - and my quip a few posts back about the viable options 'only' being KTM or Yamaha I thought would have given the game away... lets just say, I won't be buying Orange anytime soon x

But yes, the WR450 is currently my number one choice - not only is is reliable and affordable (in that order I might add - it doesn't matter how cheap it is if it isn't going to get me to the finish!), but it's popularity and longevity means there are plenty of parts/spares available, and of course a number of rally kits have already been developed. I'm thinking of going for this kit (by JVO):

... initially the 'lite' version with just the front tanks and fairing, and perhaps a 5 litre left hand rear tank if I need the range during the NPO series... then fitting the rear seat/tank kit for Dakar...

That said, I love my Hondas I really do, and if the CRF450X was EFi this year, I really think I'd have chanced my luck with that... Likewise, I'm really tempted by this new Suzuki RMX450Z (which is EFi) and by all accounts ought to be very reliable too...

Neither of those bikes would need any real suspension or engine modifications to make them competitive at the back of the field where I'll be riding, and they are still individual enough to really appeal to my bloody-mindedness! However, there just isn't the range of rally kit available for them, and I don't want to be running a prototype (again) this season...

Whereas the WR is such a proven machine - great power, great suspension, strong chassis etc etc etc, even though there is no EFi, I think that is the most sensible choice for this year?

It took me a long time to come round to what people like Patsy Quick and Si Pavey have been saying all along - if you are going to enter the Dakar, you better make damn sure you give yourself the best chance of finishing, because a finish is all you're going to get... if you're lucky!

J xx
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