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Truck of the day. Photo by Roberto.

When I wake up the next morning I'm hungry again, oh the small pleasures in life. Typically here in Creel it's cold, not Minnesota cold but there is frost on the bikes this morning. The kick start boys roll theirs out into the sunlight and we're off to breakfast.

As Cristobal (sideshow) has documented he tried to fix his bike and nearly f'd it up good but when in Mexico do as the Mexicans do and fix it up with what ever is a t hand. We head out of Creel for Diviadero it's paved all the way but a real twisty and fun ride none the less. Diviadero is a really touristy spot with at train stop and tour buses but the hey we're tourists too. The views there are spectacular and all the shops in the market and the Tarahumara selling their wares at the overlook make this a worthy stop even for Adventure Riders. There's also some great looking food to be had here, of all the mornings to get a big breakfast, next time I show up hungry.

fugarwe and side show looking studly at Diviadero.

The overlook at Diviadero.

side show getting some good pics. You can see the Tarahumara sell their trinkets.

fugarwe and Ian shopp'n.

Tarahumara goodies.

Man the food here smelled great! Daggy did you get some of this action?

Once we clear the pavement we head for the low road. There's still a fair amount of traffic for a road like this and I manage to avoid a couple of trucks and a shorty bus. It's a pretty entertaining road running along the river banks that is until - I SAW GOD IN THE GRILL OF AN F150. I think that line was used somewhere on ADV years ago but this really happen to me. I'm about to round a blind left hand corner when an F150 comes around from the other way. Now it's a newer model and a company truck of some sort and it's being driven by a young guy. He's doing what any other young guy in a truck he doesn't own does, he's driving too fast. The road is narrow but there's still plenty of room for a bike and a truck to get past each other that is until he panics and locks up the brakes. This sends him sliding right at me and I've got no where to go but a 10 foot drop to the river. I get as close to the edge as possible and grab a handful of brakes myself. I see the truck sliding right towards me and the front bumper stops less than a foot from my front tire. HOOOO-LEE SHEET!! He backs up and pulls along side me and I assume apologizes in Spanish which I don't understand. I fake wiping the sweat from my brow and tell him in English "that was too close" which I'm sure he doesn't understand and after a little chuckle we head our respective ways. Later in Bahuichivo I relate my near death experience to the rest of the group and the CC vets say unless some part of your bike is under the truck it isn't really close. Well THAT was close enough for this Gringo.

Classic CC the low road.


Getting close to the Urique overlook.

After Bahuichivo the road gets wider and faster as it's headed for some mine the bad news is the trucks are wider and faster too, but there's no drama. We get to the overlook above Urique and there's some construction going on to improve the overlook and maybe even a tourist info center of some sort. This is a classic CC view but WOW what view. You can see the road wind down along the mountain to Urique and can even see that the air strip in Urique is getting paved. It's still about a 10% grade but it'll be paved soon, progress is really making it's way into CC. The road becomes narrow and winding as we switchback our way to the bottom. The drop offs are substantial and I try to avoid looking down for too long at a time, I don't want that target fixation thing backfiring on me. On the way down I try to figure out which would be worse going over the edge up near the top or closer to the bottom. I conclude the near the top would be better, you'd have plenty of time to repent on the way to the bottom.

Looking down on Urique.

An air strip right through town??

The new Pemex just outside of Urique.

We tool through town to the Motel Los Barancos right on the river and wait for Charlie to do his thing with the room rate. Charlie is the master negotiator here in Mexico and we score another $25 a night room for two people, cha-ching. Once we unpack and change out of our gear we head out for a walk around town. We check out the stores and the new air strip right through the middle of town. Who thought THAT was as good idea?? We head back to the hotel via the road/back ally along the river this gives us a chance to peek in the backyards of the locals. Then we come across a cock fight, not an organized deal that the PETA people would protest against but a real territorial dispute between two roosters. As a couple of non farm boys this is pretty entertaining.

The Motel Los Barancos

The view from our room!

The Urique sports bar.

Doggy hang'n in the sun

As long as we're in Mexico and there's beer I'm happy

Check'n out the town.

Downtown Urique, see that sheer rock wall in the upper left of the pic, that's where to overlook is. A long time to repent

Back alley cock fight.

The hotel has it's own restaurant with a view of the river, I guess this is the "sports bar" in town as they have "a" TV. The menu is brief but the food is great and the cervezas are cold. After dinner we check out what going on in Urique on a Saturday night. It looks like everyone is hang'n out on the streets. A few have little fires going in the street and some are doing some cooking on 55 gallon drum cooktops and the young dudes and dudetts are doing what young kids do everywhere they're cruzin around town. We pull up chairs curb side at the gate of the hotel and watch the action with a couple of cervezas.

Charlie and sideshow engage a local.

A little campfire in the street action.
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