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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet)
Ah, that's cos I'm playing my cards close to my chest... x

Actually, I thought I had mentioned the WR (I know others have) - and my quip a few posts back about the viable options 'only' being KTM or Yamaha I thought would have given the game away... lets just say, I won't be buying Orange anytime soon x

But yes, the WR450 is currently my number one choice - not only is is reliable and affordable (in that order I might add - it doesn't matter how cheap it is if it isn't going to get me to the finish!), but it's popularity and longevity means there are plenty of parts/spares available, and of course a number of rally kits have already been developed. I'm thinking of going for this kit (by JVO):

... initially the 'lite' version with just the front tanks and fairing, and perhaps a 5 litre left hand rear tank if I need the range during the NPO series... then fitting the rear seat/tank kit for Dakar...

Whereas the WR is such a proven machine - great power, great suspension, strong chassis etc etc etc, even though there is no EFi, I think that is the most sensible choice for this year?

It took me a long time to come round to what people like Patsy Quick and Si Pavey have been saying all along - if you are going to enter the Dakar, you better make damn sure you give yourself the best chance of finishing, because a finish is all you're going to get... if you're lucky!

J xx
I must have had a brain explosion when I read your last few posts, sorry!

As a n00b to racing I need all the advice I can get. Anyway I have bought a 2009 WR 450 and Im getting the JVO lite kit for it as well. Charlie is putting it together for me, and I´ll be testing it out in April in Nevada. As for the Dakar, I wouldnt presume Im good enough to enter that event at this stage! I have great respect for people who do!
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