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Here's an index of the Ride Report since it's quite a lot of content in the following pages to wade through. I'll link to the pages that have photos or other relevant content in them but feel free to read from the beginning to get the updates from the road.

Jammin Global Ride Report Index

Page 1
Intro, Route Plan, Bike Info

Page 5
Pictures from ADVers on the way to California

Page 6
Trip Preparation
Bike Setup
Last Few Days Before Leaving
Photo Shoot

Page 7
First Leg: Chicago to San Francisco

Page 12
Pictures from San Francisco, Part 2
Riding the California Coastline
Weekend in San Diego

Page 13
Small Town Charm in Ajo, Arizona

Page 15
Mexico Part 1: Border to Michoacan
Mexico Part 2: Beaches and Oaxaca

Page 17
Mexico Part 3: San Cristobal
Mexico Part 4: Naha, Mayan Village Stay
Guatemala, Part 1: Highlands
Guatemala, Part 2: Tikal

Page 19
Honduras and Nicaragua
Costa Rica
Panama, Part 1: Boquete and Chitre

Page 20
Panama, Part 2: The Canal and Darien
Sailing on the Stahlratte across the Darien Gap

Page 21
Video from Colombia, Caucasia to Medellin

Page 23
Colombia, Part 1: Cartagena
Colombia, Part 2: Medellin

Page 24
Colombia, Part 3: Zona Cafetera
Colombia, Part 4: Cali, Popayan, Pasto

Page 27
Ecuador, Part 1: Quito and Quilotoa
Ecuador, Part 2: Volcanoes
Ecuador, Part 3: Cuenca

Page 30
Peru, Part 1: Bagua Grande and Kuelap, Cloud Forest Riding

Page 31
Peru, Part 2: Canon del Pato and Huascaran
Peru, Part 3: Lima to Nasca
Peru, Part 4: Abancay and Cusco
Peru, Part 5: Machu Picchu
Peru, Part 6: Breakdown in Andahuaylillas

Page 32
Video from Peru: Kuelap/Chachapoyas to Celendin, Cloud Forest

Page 34
Video from Bolivia: Lago Titicaca

Page 38
Bolivia, Part 1: Copacabana, La Paz and Death Road

Page 39
Bolivia, Part 2: Salar Attempt and Return to La Paz
Bolivia, Part 3: Yungas and Mud Riding
Bolivia, Part 4: Hot and Dusty across the Pampas

Page 41
Brazil, Part 1: The start of the TransAmazonica

Page 42
Brazil, Part 2: Riding the depths of the TransAmazonica
Brazil, Part 3: The end of the TransAmazonica

Page 45
Brazil, Part 4: Taking a break in Sao Luis
Brazil, Part 5: The Northeast Region

Page 46
Brazil, Part 6: Salvador da Bahia

Page 47
Brazil, Part 7: Chapada Diamantina and Minas Gerais

Page 48
Brazil, Part 8: Servicing sanDRina in Sao Paulo

Page 49
Jammin's Chicken Curry Recipe

Page 50
Brazil, Part 9: Finding paradise in Picinguaba

Page 55
Brazil, Part 10: Rio de Janeiro, The Marvelous City

Page 57
Video: Bolivia, The Lagunas Route
Brazil, Part 11: Revisiting Picinguaba
Brazil, Part 12: Iguazu Falls and Itaipu Dam

Page 58
Argentina, Part 1: The Northeast into Buenos Aires
Argentina, Part 2: Across the Central Region
Argentina, Part 3: Colorful Hues of Salta and Jujuy
Bolivia II, Part 1: Tarija to Villamontes and Santa Cruz
Bolivia II, Part 2: Ruta del Che Guevara
Bolivia II, Part 3: Sucre thru Tupiza to Atocha
Bolivia II, Part 4: Salar de Uyuni
Bolivia II, Part 5: The Lagunas Route | San Juan to Laguna Cañapa
Bolivia II, Part 6: The Lagunas Route | Laguna Honda to Laguna Colorado

Page 59
Bolivia II, Part 7: The Lagunas Route | Thermales and Geysers
Chile: San Pedro de Atacama
Argentina, Part 4: Ruta 40 in the Northwest
Argentina, Part 5: Central Ruta 40 | Cachi to Mendoza

Page 60
Patagonia, Part 1: Argentine Lake District
Patagonia, Part 2: Carretera Austral | Futalefú to Puerto Aisén

Page 61
Patagonia, Part 3: Carretera Austral | Lago Carrera General to Villa O'Higgins

Page 62
Patagonia, Part 4: Backtracking up the Austral and down the 40

Page 63
Patagonia, Part 5: Perito Moreno Glacier and Torres del Paine
Patagonia, Part 6: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego and Penguins
Argentina, Part 6: Bahia Blanca, Azul and Buenos Aires
Video: Jammin thru Brazil | BR-230 TransAmazonica across the Amazon Jungle

Page 64
Info on Southern Patagonia Border Crossings
Suzuki DR650 Review at 13 months and 58,282 kms (36,200 miles)
Charts: Petrol price comparison and distance ridden in each country
Gear Review

Page 66
Info on Carnet de Passage for Africa

Page 67
Grimaldi, Part 1: Buenos Aires up the Brazilian Coast
Grimaldi, Part 2: Crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Dakar

Page 68
Grimaldi, Part 3: Engine Room and Landing in Europe
Europe, Part 1: Autobahn into Paris
Europe, Part 2: Paris, The City that Captivates

Page 72
Europe, Part 3: Across Germany into Prague

Page 73
Europe, Part 4: A Day in Munich at the BMW Museum
Europe, Part 5: Switzerland, for maintenance and the Alps
Europe, Part 6: The Italian Alps down into Venice


March 5, 2010 | The trip begins...

It's been a crazy last few months getting ready to get going and closing up my life here. Taken a few more days than I expected but all ready to head out. I'm going to San Francisco first to see a good riding friend and go over the bike once more before heading back down and crossing the border into Mexico. Going to mount new tires there, oil change and hopefully purge some of the things I'm carrying. I thought I had it all down, but the gravity of taking off for 2 years had me throwing in random tools and other things that I might need and now I'm overflowing.

Stopping in Memphis, Dallas, Las Cruces and Joshua Tree on my way to SF.

It's going to be chilly. Hopefully it doesn't snow tomorrow.
J A Y on a 98 Suzuki DR650SE (sanDRina)

Trip Website:
Current Ride Report: Global South | Past Trips: CDR '09, Alaska '08, Mexico '07 | YouTube Videos

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