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Kansas - some are drawn to it, others are repelled Datchew, I am up near KC. From KS to SC - upgrade...
Well back to it. The trip out to CO and back was a whirlwind; virtually drove out, slept, exchanged product and franklins, loaded it then east bound. Once home, finally time to give the machine a good looking over.
First the placard -

Basically it says "Attention Comrade, don't be dicking around with the 2wd engaged. Only engage short distances going straight on crappy roads. Turning with it engaged can cause accident". This is concerning the locker final drive. It is a differential until engaged, then it is a locker (both rear and sidecar wheel turn at same rate).
Of course the question to me is "how much of this thing is really a MV750?". One thing one learns after owning old Russian stuff - originality is often lost. The MV750 differs from its K750 sibling as the MV is the military variant and the K is the civilian version. To denote military parts stars were stamped onto the components. Although I knew about this, over the years, I had only managed to obtain a few parts with star stamps. The search began:


Stars also noted on engine and a few other parts. This is excellent news! Seems a lot of the original parts are here! This is tooooo good to be true. Waiting for something heavy to fall one me. . . wait, what is all of that orange stuff between all the mating surfaces. . . . . ok, ok that's crazy - stay on mission. Time to plan for the startup - why the orange stuff? Stop obsessing, man! Off to hit the books to read up about valve settings, timing, carbs in prep for the startup. Plus, were in the hell do I get a 6V battery...
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