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Day 3 on the CB1KC

- removed the valve cover and started disassembling the valvetrain- hey, I better take a pic -

I removed the cams and all of the bearings looked great -

Old blue jeans legs protect the cams nicely...

Then I removed the lifters and set them into egg crates that I was saving...

With a little persuasion from a dead blow hammer I removed the head. one corner was chipped from a previous service -

I set the head to the side and started removing the carbon from the top of the pistons before I removed the cylinder assy. This is what most of the piston tops looked like (though the valve recesses in the other pistons were almost completely full of carbon) -

All cleaned up -

Compared to it's neighbor -

All cleaned up -

Then I removed the cylinder assy and sat it aside. Time to disassemble the head.

I measured each spring for size and all were good. Then I set them into another crate -

I organized the valves on a box. They will all need some cleanup, but look really good -

Next was to decarbonize the combustion chambers and as much of the ports as possible. I used a series of small wire wheels in my dremmel too. I hooked the sho vac hose up to the ports to keep things tidy -

The chamber on the left is the before, the right the after -

Once I got that done I called it a day -

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