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Day 4 - Clean and "Lean"

I started day 3 with a quest to buy a grinder & wire wheel, as that was what I needed to clean the valves of their 27 years of build up. So I picked this one up at Harbor Freight -

The wire wheel did a great job on the valves and the light was a definite plus.


After -

It took me a good hour to get all 16 valves cleaned up.

Then I went to the car wash and pressure cleaned a bunch of parts. The oil cooler lines (braided hose wrapped in a spring) were really nasty, and I ended up cleaning them with Goop hand cleaner - it worked great! After that I scrubbed 'em down with dish washing soap & hot water.

The trip to the car wash got me thinkin' about the frame- I really wanted to bring it to the wash and pressure wash it too, but I had no way to get it there. It has a lot of built up sludge from an oil leak- here a pic of the coils before I removed them -

So I left Beemer Pat a message, hoping he'd be able to swing by with his pickup truck.

Well, Pat had other ideas -

So Pat towed me & my "Lean Machine" up to the car wash. We drew a lot of looks, and a bunch of kids stopped dead in their tracks to watch us ride by.

We pulled into the wash right next to a gal who was cleaning up her 1965 Dodge Dart, complete with a red emergency light on the top -

Clean it up!

Cool car wash pic -

While I was workin' Pat made freinds with our future photographer -

She was more than happy to document our little urban adventure -

When we got back I decided to remove the pistons from the engine due to the amount of build up-

27 years on these ...

I set the pistons aside and decided to seal up the block so that I could clean the crud off of the studs safely and to prep the block for paint-

After That I decided to call it a day -
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