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Originally Posted by DolphinJohn
I'm on my second set of TKC's and the ABS works just fine.
Have You compared Your how long it takes to stop the bike with/without ABS when You have knobbies on? Try it on tarmac and You're in for a surprise. I bet You will stop faster whith the ABS disabled (under controlled circumstanses). At least I do.

I'm not that impressed with the ABS on the F800 when running on knobbies. I think it's to sensitive for knobbies since they loose grip faster than a road tire. To me it seems as the ABS kicks in "between the knobs". I like the ABS on my 650GS thumper better since it let's the tire lock a split second longer between the ABS pulses which gives better brake performance with knobbies. I think the ABS pulses are slower on my 650GS and that's why I think it performs better with knobby tires than the F800.

Having said this I still think there are advantages with the ABS on the F800 compared to not having ABS. But I think BMW could do a better job on the ABS of the F800.
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