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Thumb V-Strom Lift Pics

I enlisted an assistant and took some pics today. And yes indeedy, the mighty Trail Stand is plenty strong enough and long enough to hoist the moose-like V-Strom with excellent stability.

For both the front and rear lifts, the pin was in the fifth hole from the top, and the bike was secure and stable. For the rear hoist, we used the velcro strap to lock the front brake.

The rear:

This is much more stable than it looks, since the inner part of the widget at the top of the stand is up against the gusset under the swingarm, like so (you may want to tilt your head to the left and imagine you've crawled under my bike). It also works under the swingarm spool, but it angles the stand out to the side a bit.:

And yes, the rear tire really is off the ground. We tried the stand using the footpeg, but that didn't work, and the exhaust interfered with using the frame. Also, on a V-Strom with a top box, the footpeg seems to be a little too far forward to make a good point for hoisting the rear wheel -- using a point further back is much more stable.

Now for the next event, the DL1000 front end clean and jerk, using the skid plate as the lift point for the stand:

Note that my assistant didn't really get the stand all that straight. The bike was still nice and stable, and it didn't hurt the stand a bit. I probably should have at least put the bike in gear (thought of that later, derp), but no disasters today.

Also, one really nice detail is that when you put the stand together for storage, you just screw the foot in a tiny bit by hand, and it takes up all the slack so nothing rattles. That's very thoughtful design, folks.
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