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Originally Posted by Bigger Al
What is your problem with people putting stuff on their bikes? You go from thread to thread and espouse the "yer a moron if you add this or that........." position, and it gets annoying. Everyone gets it. You're a maverick. You don't add things to your bike that you feel are unnecessary. And good for you for it. It's your bike, and I, for one, feel you should be able to do whatever you want with it, including just adding gas and riding it. What's it hurt if someone else wants to put something else on?

++1 I love to spend money on my ride(s) What the fork else do you work for? I do the things that make ME happy not someone else's theory of what I should do with my money or motorcycle and who gives a flying funk anyway You sure as hell are never going to get out the amount of miles designed in a bike if it's not comfortable for you to ride long distance........................just say' me do my thing..........
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