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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet)
I agree it is primarily due to marketing that VW want the Dakar to stay in South America... but the implication from the MarathonRally story (in the link above) is that the car does not conform to the new FIM rules for next season whereas the others have preempted the rule change (whatever that may be) and accommodated it in their designs?

J xx
Quite right Jen...

I read that article (had not seen it previously) and as you say... it (vaguely) makes the implication that the current VW spec Toureg (which conforms to all the existing FIA general prescriptions for the 2010 cross country regs) will not however comply for the 2011 season regs (whatever they may be?). It also indicates that the BMW X-raid vehichles and the JMB Stradale Mitsubishi's do though...? (seem's strange).

I will have to find a draft of the proposed 2011 FIA tech reg's to see what the deal is... I guess.

What baffles me is the article reference to "homework" done by the BMW and Mitsubishi teams...? While I'm in no doubt that Mr Quandt has his finger on the pulse of what the FIA may or may not have planned for eventual "tech rule changes" for the 2011 season and on...

the new Mitsubishi Lancer raid project has (was) pretty much developed over the 2008/09 season in preparation for their "ill fated" 2009 Dakar attempt (first time Mitsu had a T1 diesel as an outright contender). Then when the factory pulled out officially of Dakar and cross country racing as part of the economic downscaling of it's motorsport program... The cars and material were then purchased by the JMB Stradale outfit in time to launch a four car effort at Dakar THIS year (2010)... and they did a fine "privateer" job... albeit with the older generation petrol mV6 powerplants... not the GDI diesels originally developed for the Raid Lancer...

Looking into the 2011 FIA season crystal ball; have the new "privateer" JMB Stardale outfit just "magically" come across a formula that fits in to the 2011 FIA rule changes (with no factory pushing and shoving)... and the factory boys at VW been caught napping...? or is the marathon rallye article just a(nother) "beat up"???

See... KTM and the FIM are'nt the only ones who play "politics" with each other...
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