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Day 5 - Carb Teardown

I decided to go through the carbs and clean them up - they really were pretty nasty.

I bought 4 food bins and a 24 compartment box to keep things organized -

I also bought a plastic bin that I could soak the carb bank in. Behind it is the 3 bottles of Pinesol that I will be soaking the disassembled carbs in -

So I got busy - float bowls off, floats out, getting ready to remove the jets -

The bottom side is almost done (pilot screws to go)-

I then removed the slides, needles & such and wiped off as much of the gunk as I could (sorry , no pics.

Then I poured the Pinesol into the bin and put the carb assy in to soak -

They're in there for at least 24 hours, maybe longer -

Jets, floats and other goodies awaiting their turn at a detailed cleaning -

I'll get to the rest tomorrow -

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