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Geek's Guide to Colorado.

Good Day eh?

Sitting atop Mount Bross at 14,172ft.
261 feet shy of the highest point in Coloardo!

Geek's Guide to Colorado

I moved to Colorado almost 4 years ago now.
Before I moved here I had visited Colorado twice in my life.
Both times I was left wanting more.

The scale of Colorado is overwhelming. When visiting, no matter what I did I knew there was "better stuff" I was missing (and I was right!). I wish I had access to some "insider knowledge" way back then. If I knew then what I know now, I would have completely changed what I did during those brief vacations.

Now all these years later, I think I might find myself in a bit of a unique position. I've been here long enough to be able to recommend and detail some exceptional riding, but I've not been here so long that I've grown "used to" some of the stuff the locals often over look and that visitors to Colorado would enjoy (and I still get dizzy when up where there is no oxygen ). Sure there are lots of folks around here that know Colorado better than I do, but I've gotten to know enough good stuff that I think it could really be of use to ADVers who are looking to visit.

I'm going to aim this ongoing ride report to my fellow ADVers who do NOT know Colorado but are looking to visit. If you live here, this likely won't be of interest (and you'll have seen many of my photos already in various Rockies Regional Ride Reports). I will be sharing this report with friends and family who live far away and some of them may be young so I'll try and keep language in check as well.

I'm going to spend the next few weeks building this "guide ride report" which will include photos from my past explorations in Colorado, tips on places to go and ride in Colorado (often from a flat-lander's point of view), and upcoming ride reports appended as I explore new parts of The Rocky Mountain State this upcoming ride season.

Hopefully it'll help some of my ADV brethren plan their summer vacations this year and lead you to some of the places that make me go "Wow!" every time I visit them.


The view of Telluride Colorado from Black Bear Pass.
This image has personal significance to me (not to mention it being part of one of Colorado's most spectacular rides!)..

...more to come...

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