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Originally Posted by kingkong414
Geek, How do-able are these passes riding 2-up in your opinion??? I am planning a two week trip with my wife on a 950 adventure . I would love to try some of these, but not sure how tuff they are. Any help is appreciated.
You are EXACTLY who I am going to aim this report at. Stay tuned. As I start to break down this report into individual actual routes I'm going to give my opinion on what is required skill and bike wise to enjoy the various routes. I'll be sure to add "two up" friendliness.

I own a 950 so I know exactly where I'd go and where I wouldn't
I've also done some silly things like riding a street bike over many of these passes (not necessarily recommended).

I'm going to try and give the perspective for a "non-Colorado rider" as opposed to say a "Neduro".
A non-Colorado rider would crap their pants on a big bike on Black Bear Pass for example.
Neduro would wheelie up and down it without giving it a second thought.
I'll see if I can come up with a way to rate the various routes so that everyone can judge for themselves.

I've gotta get to work. More later ...
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