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Originally Posted by SafariBerg
the engine mounts & frame is totally different between the FE450 and the 450EXC, no way its interchangable

You can buy a new spare FE570 motor for racing for about AUD$7,000, so I guess around USD$5,500 as things are cheaper over in the USA

Appreciate the update, hadn't gotten that far in the homework yet. I live in Europe right now, but have looked into buying a 'berg in the US and having it shipped here since the conversion rate drains my bank pretty quick.

OTOH, KTMs and KTM parts are way cheaper for me here since there's so much of it on the market. The FE450 is purely emotional for me. There's no reason why I couldn't get away with what I want to do on orange, I just figure this is a once in lifetime opportunity for me to knock some great riding in EUR and N. Africa, so I might as well do it right.
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