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Three things

1) The report is good, right up to the point that you pinpointed the location of Taylor Park. Please knock that sh*t off...

2) A quick lesson is alititude induced pulminary edema: When I still lived out of state (23+ years ago) we organized a ski trip to Steamboat. One member of our party caught a "cold" after we'd been in state for a couple days. He spent one day in the Boat on the slopes but generally felt like crap. The final 3 days were spent in bed. As we returned home, we stopped in Colo Spgs. He was so weak he could barely walk and we decided, much to his opposition, to take him to the local EmergiCare. Without telling us much of anything, they immediately whisked him into an ambulance and took him to the ICU at Memorial Hospital. Once the dust settled, the doc said "Good thing you didn't try to make it home, he wouldn't have made it". Yea, wouldn't have made it as in "died enroute" . If you feel bad, don't try to tough it out, it could cost you your life.

3) It's dry here. 10% RH isn't unheard of. Drink more water than you think you need because you rarely sweat here. The liquid just vanishes from your body via evaporation and dehydration will contribute to PE.

... carry on..
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