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Merfman reminded me of something I meant to post and forgot

Hydration! Hydration! Hydration!

all my buddies keep insisting this is NOT proper hydration

Colorado is DRY.
Not like Utah where the beer sucks.. but meaning very low humidity

Despite what you'd think with our "epic powder", afternoon thunderstorms, etc.. it really is DRY here. If you are from the east it is a downright desert here.

There is a reason the snow here is so powdery and fluffy.. its dry! Its nothing like the snow in Canada or upstate New York, etc. It is so dry here we can literally get a foot of snow and two days later be wearing shorts & t-shirt (no-exaggeration - its one of the reasons I moved here ).

EVERY time you stop your bike when riding in Colorado.. drink some water.
Wear a camel back and drink constantly while you ride.
Sure it sucks cuz we're getting old and have to pee too much to begin with.. but do it anyway.

When I first moved here people told me this constantly and I didn't give it nearly enough attention. They were right. Day two of a ride I would be wiped and then I'd realize it was because I didn't drink nearly enough the first day and I was dehydrated.

If you are doing a multiday trip here and you forget to force yourself to drink water the first day you are going to cost yourself a lot of energy later on.

The dryness sucks the moisture right through your skin... it doesn't matter if you are hot or not.

Do yourself a favor and drink several liters a day while you are here. Force yourself to drink a full liter of water right when you first wake up each morning (I do every day as soon as I wake up.. I did this morning too ).

Your body and energy levels will thank you

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