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I had a few crap days while trying to work on the rear end of it.

The bolt for the ZZR swing arm is much larger than the KLX's, so it would have been to much trouble at such short notice.

I have a GS650 Dakar shock that I was going to try to use, but there wasn't much room to fit it so I abandoned that idea.

In the end I had to settle for using the "linkage arms" (Don't know the proper name, and couldn't be buggered looking it up) that were about 30 mm shorter than the standard ones to raise the rear end.

I'll only have about 100mm of travel (from memory) but I only plan on doing gravel roads on it so it will hopefully be OK.

I didn't bother getting any photos because it still looks the same, but with a slightly raised rear.

I'm hoping to finish of the suspension tomorrow and start on the fairing this weekend (I'm going for the rallye look...) .

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