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Could be that the chrome on the pipe is corroded so bad that things have loosened up in there...were I the OP, I would spring for all the parts he's identified...pop the exhaust apart...and be prepared to use a Dremel tool or similar, maybe even a blaster, to clean up the sealing surface at the head...and back at the gasket, as well...

Mr. Christenson, I would agree that a certain anti-seize might work better for a high temperature usage, but for a German vehicle versus any other nationality vehicle...I don't think so...If its the best thing for a German vehicle, it's gonna be the best thing for an American vehicle, or Japanese, or a Yugo!!! I've often wondered whether the Permatex anti-seize is the right thing for exhaust parts, and if there's something better out there for that, I do appreciate the intel...I think it's ridiculous for a supposedly high quality vehicle to require taking apart the exhaust nut for renewing the anti-seize every year, and to take basically the whole bike apart to relube the clutch splines every year... That doesn't bespeak high quality to this ol' country boy!!! But if there's something that will avoid that situation, yeah, I wanna know about it, and thanks for lettin' us know, sir...
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