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Originally Posted by G600

I’m sure the engine will run kind of silly with this DIY CDI, with the timing advance of 12 deg jumping to 36 deg in one step. But I will keep the CDI as a spare part, since it works. Just need a waterproof box to house it in…

Now for the big question… to buy a decent CDI or build my own programmable one …. Hmmmm…

The jump to 36 degrees timing at a the correct rpm should produce a nice hit. . I would suggest adjusting it to the lowest rpm possible without its pinging. To much timing to quick makes detonation, on a side note one rpm will be great on cool days and then higher on hit days.

I've had the stock engine detonate on single track on hot summer days just off idle.

If you decide to toss another together let me know I'd be interested in buying it. My bike is a total mix match anyway. I really like the added power of the TT600 mill verses the XT550 mill.
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