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Faulty rectifier/regulator – will the stator be destroyed if disconnected?

My ’83 XT550’s rectifier/regulator is faulty. I don’t know in what way, but there is no voltage over the battery.

If the rectifier/regulator failure results in too low resistance the stator probably will burn (too much current).

If I disconnect the rectifier/regulator the voltage will go up, but how high? Is it possible that the voltage will go high enough to destroy the isolation?

Zecatfish, thanks for the info. I have enjoed reading about your work on your XT, good stuff. I have not yet tested the DIY CDI since I don’t know excaclty how the stator will react if I disconnect the rectifier unit, and since I don’t know how much current the stator is pumping out now, I don’t what to run the engine for more than couple of minutes at the time….
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