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Originally Posted by lewismedlock
I like the beads. They help a lot, but the seat is still a brick. The airflow through the beads makes a tremendous difference in butt comfort during long hot rides.

The beads were made for a pillion seat on a cruiser. I just took some measurements and ordered what I thought would work the best. If I remember correctly, they're 14 inches long and 10 inches wide.

In cooler weather, I use a Walmart ATV seat. It helps too, and it was less than 20 bucks.

Hi Guys,

I just got my self a '99 XR600R few moths ago and now have decided to do some changes to it in order to have more range for my trips.

I was very keen on getting the Acerbis 22L tank but every where i search for i bump into the Acerbis 22L XR650 tank and seeing that you guys have discussed about it before just wanted to check if this tank will fit my bike without needing to do any metal work on it.

The tank looks like the one you have on the bike but dont know if the mountings from the 99 xr 600 are the same with the xr 650 and if the seat will fit just fine.

I'll appreciate your comments.
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