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Originally Posted by LXIV-Dragon

Have a great trip! Enjoyed your other RRs (although this will be more of a book than report!!).

Will you be using the camping gear? Any updates / upgrades?

Best of Luck,
Yes, I'll be taking my light weight camping gear. I know most riders dont use it much in South America but since this is a one way trip, I want to be able to provide my own shelter wherever I happen to be, especially stuck in some remote place.

My gear consists of the Catoma Twist 1 person tent, Guide Gear (Sportsman Guide) Sleeping Bag and Half Sleeping Pad. I ditched the emergency blanket bag since I dont think I'll be experiencing near freezing temps (maybe in the Andes), but no space for it. I added a Jag Bags silk sleeping bag liner that I'll probably use more often than the sleeping bag.

Originally Posted by craftycoder
Fabulous work there! Does your laptop has a DC charger or are you carrying an inverter as well?
Thanks. Yup, I got a DC charger for my laptop. It's a netbook (Acer/Gateway EC1803U) and thus needs less current (0.6 A) than a regular laptop and is easily chargeable on the bike.

Originally Posted by DCruiser
You are a real adventurer!
Are you planning to ride back to the US after this gig?
Thanks Not sure about coming back to the US due to visa regulations, but I'd love to and probably will.
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