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New Run starting this week for Concealex

Well, my little concern has a following - small but growing, and everybody who has purchased is greatly appreciated. I haven't heard back from everybody yet, but from those who have contacted me - reports are favorable. I especially appreciate the feedback and suggestions received from PIGPEN and KNOBBIETHROWER on how to make improvements.

My posse called me from Mesquite this evening on their way home from 10 days riding in Baja, and I got a short but powerful earful from inmate Berg Briggs on some of the highlights of their ride. I don't want to steal their thunder, but they got mobbed up in the middle of the 250 racecourse and had ringside seats for some great death-defying action, rode up on a guy who had gotten welded to a cactus after an endo, and his mates had to pry the guy loose from the stem he snapped off because he was velcroed to it and it was acting like a splint, and they couldn't get him off the ground; watched Robbie Gordon tear through the finish line in San Felipe in his trophy truck sideways through the arches "like something out of the 'Book of Revelations" and also managed to keep Jay's bike from becoming a $10,000 signal fire in Gonzaga Bay by the skin of their teeth. Pretty much got their money's worth of adventure in Baja, as usual. I hope my cradles held up...... I was so caught up in the stories on the phone that I actually forgot to ask. Can you believe it?

I left off other misadventures and excitement and glory - not mine to tell. I hope they post up after getting back. I hope my cradles worked as intended. We'll find out here, and I'll have to stand for it, one way or the other. (Shoulda asked before I posted..... but my nuts are as into this as they are on the line, so might as well roll solid.....)

I have orders for more cradles coming in that I am aware of, and need to keep making more. Shoot me a PM if you want one and I'll make you one.


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