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Trip to tombuktu

The port at Mopti

On the boat

random pic

sailing boat

scenic river + boat + village arrangement

For all you ladies, Simon at the sunset (sorry there was nothing better)



was stunning... so nice just to watch the world go by

sleepy mikey


one of three times we were stuck on a sankbank. Levered the boat off with poles to get moving again

wind powered? we had two straight six diesel engines

Hippo... "Maree" in bumbara, sorry any Marie's reading this

more hippos

they're really big

boat a bit like ours

Musa... he was always in trouble and showing off constantly

made it

running to be in a picture

our boat carried plenty of this - rice and grain

No grain sacks to lie on for the return journey, so we sat on the roof

this made the 3 meals a day of fish and rice tolerable


oh for a shotgun (kidding)

we had 4" clearance to the water line on the way there, maybe 4 foot on the way back

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