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This guy has lost his marbles.

Stovey sends me a PM, knows nothing of me except I've got a deviant user name.

I ask him if his work load and shipping schedule will allow the unit to be sent to me in time as I'm flying out of the country soon. He replies, no problem I'll send a unit off to you tomorrow (keep in mind he has no payment from me yet). No idea whether I'll stiff him or not as our whole interaction has been one post in his thread, giving him not much to judge my character by. That my friends is serious Karma and a whole lot of faith. Hats off to you Stovey for your outlook on things. Wish the whole world was a bit more like you.

Love doing business with decent folk. You're top of my list Stovey, thanks mate .

Stovebolt wrote:
Fingerin The Bean, (WTF?!)

You'd of loved to have seen the car hood when I was racing stockcars years ago with our Team FTB logo, told to remove it by the santioning body at the time .


Team FTB
Team "Fingering The Bean"

Looking for the woman that takes the wheel when I'm seeing double.
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