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Originally Posted by NoobIAm
Jay, the solar panel only produces 10W. Was it not possible to upgrade your generator to a higher output? That would give you extra wattage 24/7, as opposed to maybe 12/7 or less for the panel. Additionally, it probably would have upped it far more than 10 W.
You can re-wire the stator as outlined by the Pro Cycle guy in his DIY instructions. This gives 50 watts more but at idle you lose a bit of output. A good move, IMO. At 3000 rpm you gain 50 watts over stock. Will not damage Reg./Rect., stator, battery or pick up ignitor coil.

I don't run many accessories on my DR, after all, it's not a BMW. But I can run my 77 watt Gerbing and 24 watt Symtec grips (on high) and a GPS all day by simply switching off the headlight. This extra 50 watts seems to do the trick, as I've run this set up on many 10 hour days, back to back in very cold weather. At night, well then you've got to lower the heat on the jacket and run grips on low. Even then the batt may discharge some in four or five hours of riding.

You could also install HID headlight (uses 35 watt and is brighter!) and LED tail lights to save a few more precious watts. I would also carry a Battery Tender Waterproof with me. This charger can sit out in the rain overnight no problem and will recharge a dead DR battery in about 3 to 5 hours to 100%. Trips like Jay's are best begun with BRAND NEW batteries, which even with discharging, will usually last a year or so at least and longer if you keep it charged.
Heat kills batteries and constant total discharge is not great for them either.
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