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Ok,so here's how the weekend went down.
Every time one of us said "There is no need to take that off"...the other would say "but it would be easy, c'mon, its two bolts..."

which lead to this!

Yes, we were very proud to display our victory.....let me explain the carnage...

when we left off last time, the motor was still in as well as the front end and swing arm.
The plan was to tape everything off a spray bomb our little trail beater.
Well, Cameron!!!!! wanted to do the job right...blah blah balh
So, we decided to pull a few more things(I knew no good could come of this)

Out comes the motor along with a few broken bolts!
The bolts that hold the plastic cover over the front sproket broke when I looked at them!


Well, with this great feat accomplished. Cam took a moment to ponder the possibilties..
Who says a 250 cant compete at the salt flats!

Off with its head! Bearings are in great shap, so a clean and re-pack is all thats needed here.

Now, this is when tools started flying out of the garage, into streets, and children playing near by learned new vocabulary!
Time for the swing arm to come out!
Easier said than done when working with a rusted relic that was obviously dragged behind Noah's Ark!

After many beatings with a sledge!

30 min and two cans of PB Blaster later...
Dude, I'm telling you I soooo moved it and inch!!!!

I did what I could to save the threads, but I just cant resist a high grade steel!

Its def muffed. So I ordered a new one off ebay for $4.95 that will arrive soon, I hope.

Cam really wore himself down beating this one out!......hehehehehehe

PS, if anyone doesn't already know (we didn't) here is where your rear adjuster is on the shock. under a small plastic cover.
And 5lbs of soil that has cured to the consistency of a clay brick, if your bike is like ours!

So, this is what lead to the display of grousome destruction hanging from the tree like 3rd-world lawn art!
We got some sort of satisfaction from showing the whole three cars that past by our acheivment... We are man!

Just in time... my wife showed up to help the two gorrilas re-assemble the crippled machine.
And she comes bearing gifts.....Subway $5 foot-longs

Now don't start singing the commercial tune, stay focused here!

After we wipped out a few subs, we got back to work!
Christa taped up the rear rim for paint, covering the rim and brake areas. Since the spokes and inner hubs will be flat balck.
I started painting up side covers and little what-nots.

So, wifey seeing that all was going fine decided to go home and do somethig of greater value (closet sorting!...Ooooooo)

and Cam...where is Cam...

Captain Bolt Snapper Attack!!!!!

After much air grinding, sanding, cleaning, it came out real nice.
But, we have picked a paint that was a tad to Silver, not the aluminum look we anticipated.

So, we got a few other things primed and painted; but, things moved so fast we failed to take pics!

Dad actually finished rebuilding our carb and gave that to us.
Knowing that we were going to be runnig the airbox mod and a Jardine pipe. Which is quiet but slightly better flowing than stock.
He decided to fatten up the low speed circut from closed to 1/3 throttle.
Adding some fuel here will keep response and low end torque where it should be, as well as cruising temps low.
By having a little extra unburnt fuel to pull heat out. I know this sounds wastefull but...
I can't stand lean-pops on decel, so he wanted to be sure their wern't any!

We spent a few minuets picking at dad for using Harley parts in our carb.
He found that the rediculously lean pilot jet from a 883 Sportster could give our 250 the flow we wanted with our mods.
That, and it was laying there and ours was clogged beyond beleif! So, I'll let ya know how it runs!

Then a sound rolled into the garage with a presence that could only be created by the clanketty thump of a classic British big twin.....
Or Christas' GS500 with a blown out Yosh pipe, LOL. (its bark really is much more respectable than its bite)

Wife had to stop by to make sure that we ate a healthy meal!

All in all we had great weekend and enjoyed working on the bike with freinds and family!
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