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Joe is Nuclear - thanks for the feedback


Glad you've had a chance to fiddle with it and thanks for the good feedback. I hear ya about the winter gloves - the same will be the case for anybody with fat fingers, but you can't put material back - you can only keep taking it away. So I err on the side of prudence and give enough to get a finger in there without relieving too much. There is room to relieve it further, just be careful with the dreml! A small 6-inch round rasp will be less committing and remove the stuff like a raped ape in detail work, if you want to - FWIW.

Also, the little bumper on the bottom of the cradle is there for "bumping" when dropped - giving the GPS 360-degree protection (exclusive of the display window which is exposed and would need a see-through plexi-cover or something.) That is problematic with glare and dust and production, so I'm happy to have at least improved the overall protection without sacrificing display issues. So the bumper on the bottom protects from impact/dropping and also is a place for a guy to drill a hole to tether and keep the pieces together. I toyed with it as well, and even toyed with small cording that connected all four pieces with the side clips such that the whole thing is "connected" when apart. Lots of options, but for mass usage and general appeal, I leave the bumper a place for people to go nuts for themselves if desired. Glad you are experimenting! (Don't tether the actual GPS to the cradle there though - if you are concerned about losing the GPS for some reason. If a guy wants to back up the cradle by tethering, run the Garmin lanyard out through the side crack and loop it around the ball mount - it fits. That way, if you are backing up for a cradle failure, the GPS isn't tethered to the cradle but to the RAM ball. Just to clarify for those new to this thread.

Also, I received my data from the manufacturer of Concealex, they went ahead and tested the material for radio frequency transparency in their lab in Ohio and provided me with the report. The data shows a dielectric constant that should translate positively in the GPS frequency range, which bears out what field testing has shown - good bird locks inside the cradle with the antenna covered and protected. They have not posted a link to the data sheet yet, but when they do I will provide a URL here on this thread. It was good of them to
do the testing at my request - especially since I'm such a little guy in the scheme of things. They didn't test all the way up to the 1.5MGHz as I requested, and so until I get another shot at a lab, we're relying on interpolating their results (the labcoat guy said he'd be solid vouching for their results and that it should be good to go (rf transparent) for GPS freqs,) and all the field testing that has gone without a glitch.

Did you really rather have the KYDEX over the concealex? If that's the case, shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for all Joe. You are truly Nuclear!

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Originally Posted by joenuclear

I got to use my cradle last weekend and have a couple of inputs. First of all it takes the same amount of time to locate satellites w/o the cradle as it does with.

My winter gloves are too big to get to the power button so I'll need to whip out the dremel.

And last I think i'm going to drill a small hole through the bottom lip with the cradle assembled to thread my lanyard through. It will serve as a lanyard and keep the 2 pieces together.

But before I mod it at all I'll offer to trade it to anyone with the Kydex version because the CF looks to good on my dirtbike.
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