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Originally Posted by Cigar Mike
Youíre welcome.

Adventure riders are a unique group of riders. They are involved in all types of riding from hard core single track to adventure rides that are mainly pavement. They very often use a bike for a purpose that was not intended by the manufacturer. If the bike does not fit, they make it fit. This is how the center stand for our DS bikes came about. I wanted a center stand on our bikes so that I could change to a different set of wheels (street tires) easily and fix flats when out on the bikes. When we are hundred miles from nowhere the center stand is welcome for getting the flat fixed and moving again.

When I posted about the stands that I had made for our bikes I was asked if I would make them available. Since I was retiring it seemed like a good idea so that I could keep busy doing something I enjoy. Other models were made available upon request. I donít market the stands trying to convince someone that they need what I make. I could care less if I ever sell another center stand, other then I will have to find something else to do to keep me busy. So if someone says to me ďno saleĒ. Who asked you to buy anything? I build what I am asked to build. I donít ask anyone to buy what I build. If you want one, fine. If not, fine. I let it be known that they are available and for how much and I stand behind what I make.

Overall it has been a good experience making and selling the stands. The people that I am in contact with have been great. There have been some problems but it always seems to work out with the help of the riders. I would have probably quit a long time ago if this was not the case. But the riders that I have come in contact with have made it a worthwhile endeavor.

I have no idea how long I will continue to do this. If it becomes a job instead of a hobby, I will stop. If the time it takes interferes with the time I need to spend with my family, I will stop. And obviously if there is no longer any demand, I will stop. If there is too much demand, I will stop. This is a hobby that had to be a business for legal and tax concerns. I do not make a living from this and donít need the money to survive.

Cigar Mike
Fair enough.

The only reason I posted my concern is because I WANT to buy your product. Now that you mention it, a retaining device is a great idea, for those riders that hit the rough trail. Why am I out of line for suggesting such a thing? And who better to provide a retaining device, other than the guy that designs such awesome center stands? Am I asking too much? I'll pay extra for the stand if it comes with a retaining device!

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