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Originally Posted by moventurer
Fair enough.

The only reason I posted my concern is because I WANT to buy your product. Now that you mention it, a retaining device is a great idea, for those riders that hit the rough trail. Why am I out of line for suggesting such a thing? And who better to provide a retaining device, other than the guy that designs such awesome center stands? Am I asking too much? I'll pay extra for the stand if it comes with a retaining device!

I don't think you are out of line to ask a question. I guess the "no sale" comment hit me the wrong way. If you want to help me figure out something that may work that will address your concerns, I am willing. You know more about the riding you do and what would or would not be a hassle in securing the stand. I mentioned one idea but it may not be the best one. I learned a long time ago that I don't know everything. I also learned that anyone can have a good idea. And I learned to listen to them, it might be a good one. The idea being that you have something that you are happy with.

I may be getting a little grumpy in my old age. Thanks for the kind words about the stands.

Send me a PM or email to if you would like to figure something out. I don't even know what bike we are talking about. It may make a difference in the best way to do this.

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