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DR Questions:

I've done the air box mod, with an opening cut in the top but every time I ride through a lot of rain (return from CDR trip and coming here to SF), I get water collecting in the air box. I have a Corbin seat and Aqualine Safari tank and that's all sealed up and mated nicely and tight. There's nothing I can do now, but want to know if I can just remove the airbox water drain plug and just run it like that or is that a concern for proper air intake or even water intake during rain. Of course if crossing a stream, I'll plug it back up. What do you think? Or should I just leave it on and open it after riding through rain to drain any water in there?

Can someone confirm again what engine temperatures are a danger. I have the Vaportech with the engine temp sensor around the spark plug against the head. I was told normal running range is around 260-290F and danger is getting close to 350F. While running around SF getting parts, etc, temps climbed to 320F in stop n go traffic and I turned off and waited till it dropped before going again.

Besides that, bike is all ready to go again. Mounted new tires, Kenda K761, new chain, valve check, rearranged a few things and mounted more spares onto the bike (to clear up space in the boxes). Heading south tomorrow to Paso Robles and then onto San Diego. Planning to cross the border from Arizona since I'm skipping Baja and heading to the mainland and dont want to cross at Tijuana and ride along the border there.
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