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Originally Posted by BLACK TUSK
Greetings fellow f8 riders.
As a reply to Dave's post regarding his new skid plate...
I'd like to advise, that in my short experience, this kind of protection is the most critical that you can invest in for your bike.
Unlike crash bars, which come into play when you're no longer upright.
The correct skid plate is paramount protection against errant thrown stones as a result of simply riding.
Within 15 minutes of my first off-road adventure, I had damaged my exhaust.
This was a direct result of thrown stones.

I had met Dave at the Vancouver bike show this year, in the course of investigating all things f8, although I didn't yet own one, or have much of an idea when I would.
I was immediately impressed with the man and his products.

Quite suddenly, a short time later, I found myself being the owner of a new f8.
After finally securing dual-sport tires, I immediately set forth for the mandatory test to discover the off-road capabilities of the bike.
This resulted in the afore mentioned blight on my new baby.
My first course of action was to contact Dave. The skid plates we're not yet ready for delivery, however Dave was very forthcoming in offering me a loaner to bridge the period, There-by enabling me to actually ride my new toy.
Several rides, enjoyed to sound of rocks wind-chiming off my skid plate,
gave me a grin in the helmet, to know they were singing off the plate, and not crushing the vulnerable oil filter and cooler.
Recently Dave hooked me up with the new modified plate and last weekend I headed up the Squamish and Elaho rivers to see where the snow would halt me. Sure enough the plate had a bite. This averted missile was headed directly for the oil lines.
I personally, can't imagine venturing off-road without this critical armour, as it's avoided damage to the bike on each ride.

MOD plate... I particularly appreciate this product for the stealth design. Flat smooth bottom section and powder coated black finish.
It blends into the bike seamlessly.
The protection is outstanding and is after-all the reason for the unit.
It protects the engine, the cat, the oil cooler, the oil filter and the exhaust headers, all whilst subtly enhancing the dual-sport appearance of the bike .
The installation was so easy and quick and fit perfectly.
Thanks for bringing it to the market Dave!

Here are the before and after shots, with the brand new MOD skid plate.



Thanks for the good words!

I'm glad to hear that the MOD F800 GS skid plate is doing everything it is supposed too!

I thought I would post a pic you sent me when you were riding the borrowed prototype skid plate;

So when you hear him talk about "rocks wind-chiming off my skid plate" you know he's not kidding!

I like your avatar name and pic too...Black Tusk is a great spot!

Cheers, see you out there!

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