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Originally Posted by Dirsuper
Hell, most people let air out of their tires when going off road (in soft stuff, lots of that here in SoCal), so the tire pressure thing, while a good point, does not provide a viable excuse in my mind.
The rims didn't bend because you hit something soft. You can't set the pressures for one environment and expect it to work in every environment. I made the mistake of setting pressures at sea level and then grinding off the center of my tire after 300 miles above 9000. I don't think that is BMW's fault even though it happened to the stock tires. If your rim bent at spec pressure and your forks were not bottomed out then I would think you had a beef. Otherwise, I would say rider beware.

My dealer recently installed a new battery due to a recall and the next day it (the battery) flew through the side panel of the bike when I dropped it (not moving) off road. They called it accident damage. The panel did touch the ground. I'm pretty sure the dealer didn't secure the battery correctly, but they told me to shove it. Driving offroad on tires whose pressure you can't be certain about and bending your rims sounds less like a BMW problem then my issue and guess what, neither are covered. The warranty should and mostly does cover defects, but not rider error. I think our rear hubs are an exception here. We consume bearings with reckless abandon and BMW doesn't give a *bleep*.
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