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Originally Posted by Dirsuper
Funny bro, as I was riding in today (on my Harley), I thought about that very question. When I get home from work that is the first thing I am going to check because I am curious.

I also know that I SHOULD have read my warranty, like many other things I 'should' and 'should not' have done. However, at the end of the day, I still think it is total bs that the rims failed. There is no way anyone can convince me that it is not a shortcoming on the part of the rims. Hell, most people let air out of their tires when going off road (in soft stuff, lots of that here in SoCal), so the tire pressure thing, while a good point, does not provide a viable excuse in my mind. Bottom line is that BMW is not standing behind their product. I am one of those dudes who will gladly pay more/defend a company to my dying breath if they take care of their customers......that does not appear to be the case here. I am very disappointed and will share my experience at EVERY opportunity....
As we discussed off-line, I rode that exact same trail (as did kkug) earlier in the day before you did. kkug and I both aired down. I don't know what he aired down to, but I was at 20psi front and rear. We also both have redone the suspension on our 800s at both ends.

I got a flat in my rear tire (due to a friggin' nail) but otherwise, neither of us had any problems and neither of us have any dents in our rims. Even after the watercrossing.

Did you bottom out either the front or rear? Before I did my springs, the one ride I did I bottomed out my forks pretty often on terrain just like last Sunday's. I was amazed when I got home and there were no dents in my front rim because I fully expected them. I would swear I felt a couple of ruts compress the tire into the rim. How I didn't dent the rims or get pinch flats I have no idea.

This weekend, with the bueno suspension, I didn't bottom out once and never felt worried about the front rim.

Just food for thought. I do think BMW should step up and warranty the rims.
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