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I got word back today on the SM model stand. With this stand I changed several things that were not quite right. Different spring (longer) With relocated mounts. I will add a bolt to be shipped with the stand for making the upper spring connection. It appears that this would be best for all of the TE610s whether they have the upper mount on the bike or not.

Here is the report I received.

Hi Mike,

It was a bear getting the stand mounted with the return spring. Works well in the up position, no bouncing of the stand.

With the stand in the up position, there is more clearance on right side leg and the swingarm.
The return spring does touch the rear brake clevis joint. (he did not use the longer bolt provided)
There is no clearance issues with the side and center stand in the up position
The center stand leverage arm does tuck behind the rear footpeg mount.

With the stand in the down position, the bike is rock solid. The balance is perfect. With 5lbs on the rear seat the front wheels lifts off the ground.
The spring does touch the stand in the down position.

Overall, I would rate it 7 out of 10. Very good.

I need to still check a few things for the TE since the stand is longer and the SM had a lowering link on it. This may affect the clearance at the lower spring mount and the swing arm. I do have some pictures and will post them when I get the rest.

I hope to check everything this week. They should be available again soon.

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