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According to my trusty (I assume, I have three and they were all the same +/- 1.5 degrees) tire pressure gauge, the front is right between 35-36 and the rear is at 38. The manual recommends: Front 31.9, one-up at 68 degrees. 36.3 two-up or load. Rear, 36.3 one up at 68 degrees. 42.1 two-up or load. It is 73 degrees here, and I am at 1470 ft. above sea level. I weigh ~200 pounds.

Would I blame BMW for damage caused by me wrecking the bike? Come on bro, I don't see the relationship.

Whatever, my main goal was to see if anyone else had experienced this issue and was successful in getting it taken care of by the manufacturer. Obviously not. Lesson learned. Lesson to be passed on to others.

The suggestion to just get these repaired and.....I guess, avoid going off road is appreciated, but if that were the case I would have bought a different bike. I do believe that Woody's is the answer.

I do appreciate everyone inspiring me to check the pressure on every tire I own.....I just need to hit the wheelbarrow and the kid's bike and I am good to go!
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