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Originally Posted by raider
You think you're steamed... my old man just shat the diesel injectors in his Nissan truck. Nissan say "bad fuel, no warranty". Shell say "prove it". Up for $6000 for new injectors, pumps and labour.

Basically, I'm sorry you're having a bad experience with your 800GS, but it is a good bike. The reason there's so much lively discussion on this forum about "what bike" is because there just isn't a perfect, tough, light, agile, fuel efficient, long-range, sweet-handling pack mule out there. Every ADV bike has a compromise.

A lot of people buying into the 800GS seem to be buying their first dirt tourer - either upgrading from an enduro, or making their first foray into the ADV world. These people have grossly unrealistic expectations as to what to expect - the 800GS is a travel bike, designed for touring Australia or riding to Africa.
The glossy PR pics of some bloke leaping around an MX track on it don't make it a dirt bike, any more than Harley's choice of the Phillip Island MotoGP circuit to launch the new Rocker C in Australia makes that a track bike.
Out of interest, if you'd hit a patch of loose sand, got into a tank-slapper, and high-sided it, would you be blaming BMW for the resulting damage?

Some sense at last.
I Picassoed the original front rim in about 4 places.
At great expense to the managment I then replaced this with a 2.05" (or whatever the original is) Sun rim from Buchanans, drilled and laced up by Lightfoot Engineering in Melbourne.
First ride on this new rim I hit a washout at an angle and bent this rim as well!
There was no way I was spending another $600 so I took the tyre off and belted the rim back in shape with a FBH and a lump of wood.
My call on it all -
It's not BMW's fault that I bend rims
The rims are not substandard, thry're too wide for off road use, my next front will be a 1.85", rear 18''x3.5 or so.
The front suspension is too soft, it bottoms out and then something has to give, Wrap a cable tie around the staunchion, or just look at the wiped off dust, the suspension is bottomed out when 20mm or so of the staunchion is still sticking out of the slider.
I am only 75kg 59yrs old, and no Crusty Demon, but I still bottomed out that front end, heaps.
FWIW I replaced the stock front end with the Bitubo kit and in my opinion it is too hard.
Still pondering my next move.
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