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Originally Posted by HWSNBN
Daido is the good stuff usually. I thought they were sourcing Behr's famous butter soft rims as they have for years...

The alloy Behr uses is complete shit, some 5000 series stuff I'd guess... a step above patio furniture. DID is usually 6000 or 7000 stuff from what I've seen. In fact I'd rate DID among the best rims I've ever laced up and ran through the evilest rocks. I've bent Excels but not yet a DID. I'm running a narrow set on my 950 KTM after benting the stock Behrs into squares and the things are proving super tough.

So I think the issues ya'll are having with these things probably is really similar to the problem we have in Orange Crush. Its a WIDE rim speced to work with a low profile street tire. Street tires are made to flex little in curves hence a short sidewall. Since the sidewalls short, they need wide rims. Dirt rims are narrow so they can withstand impacts. Less cantilever from the spokes means a stronger rim. Dirt tires are made with a much taller sidewall and bowed inward to flex and protect the rim. So they're two totally different concepts. Compromise DS rims are pretty much street rims made in larger diameters and DS tires tend to be street tires with a more open tread. Even TKCs are low profile rounded over tread street tires at their core, only with knobs. What we have here is a wheelset thats 50/50. 50% as good on the street as street wheels and 50% as good as dirt rims on dirt.

I replaced my rims with 1.85-21 front and a 2.5-18 on the rear of my ADV and haven't looked back. Nowhere near as good a bike now for riding twisties but wtf, I don't care. Way more solid in dirt and it has also opened up a world of cheap tires that'll fit. Hard riding as the OP is obviously doing, this is the way he's gonna have to go riding the way he's going imho.
I make no representation about what most bikes come with, just what I've got. Mine also came with Anakees and a CZ chain, whereas all the other bikes from the same batch my dealer ordered had Battlewings and RK chains. Maybe it's an ex-press bike with the odo re-wound, maybe the unloved runt of a previous litter.
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