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Originally Posted by Levert
I'm thinking a bad batch of rims or improperly tightened spokes. I help BMW with their offroad demo program and we beat the crap out of these bikes and no failures. I would think BMW would step up to the plate on this
Damn bro, that is interesting. If only I had the mental energy to engage the lawyers in my family/friends group. I thought about it, but you know how it I want to bug them with my trivial (relatively speaking) bs? Not really.....Just like the line from that movie, "You know what I am going to do..........NOTHING, because......." Bend over, take one from BMW, never spend a penny on that product again.........and spread the story to every mofo I can........Already one person who was ready to pull the trigger on same product (after hearing story/seeing rims) said, "FU$K that!!" Also, I had quite the little interest group formed at the shipping place today as I shared the whole story........I am a dude who has no problem laying it out............... If that is how the company wants to be perceived, so be it, I am more than happy to help them achieve that objective!
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