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You're probably one of the first to get them, so I doubt anyone has any experience.

If it matters, external low speed damping adjustments aren't linear, and their effectiveness (and range of effectiveness) is coupled to the oil weight. Typically you'll find a small range (sometimes as small as half a turn or so) where you really see any difference in damping characteristics, even though the adjustment may be 3 turns or more. It has to do with the way the typical adjuster works...the geometry and physics and stuff. And again, oil weight. I assume you put in what they recommended? And possibly even sent with the kit?

Also remember that external adjustments are almost ALWAYS low speed--the compression adjustment, for instance, won't make much of a difference at all if you're banging around off road. Its more for stuff like settling into corners and fork dive under braking.

Have you tried them set ALL the way in and ALL the way out? If you do a back to back and just bounce on the front end, you really should notice some difference. If you do notice a difference, then you can hone in on where in the adjustment range you actually see some change, and from there you can set off for actual tuning.
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