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Originally Posted by Drunk_Uncle
Okay off topic, but sorta. I noticed you are funning Scorpion Trails. How do you like them offroad? I have those ordered for my bike and will be installing them as soon as I am back in the same area code as the bikes. They were delivered to my parents house Wednesday. I am sorry about the rim issues. The big three were similiar with warranty claims on their 4x4's. Take the 4wd truck offroad and void warranty, wtf!!! It is made for that. Hope everything works out for you.
Love both your screen name (or whatever it is) and your quote! Sorry man, can't really talk to the performance of those tires off-road, as I have not really been off-road with that bike yet. After I get the Woody's rims, I WILL be going off-road and will let you know then. A buddy with a Strom told me that his bike came with the same tires, but I don't think he has really done any off-roading, he has only done mild dirt roads.....kinda like what I was doing when I bent BOTH rims on my one-week old F800GS!
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