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Originally Posted by Cigar Mike
I don't think you are out of line to ask a question. I guess the "no sale" comment hit me the wrong way. If you want to help me figure out something that may work that will address your concerns, I am willing. You know more about the riding you do and what would or would not be a hassle in securing the stand. I mentioned one idea but it may not be the best one. I learned a long time ago that I don't know everything. I also learned that anyone can have a good idea. And I learned to listen to them, it might be a good one. The idea being that you have something that you are happy with.

I may be getting a little grumpy in my old age. Thanks for the kind words about the stands.

Send me a PM or email to if you would like to figure something out. I don't even know what bike we are talking about. It may make a difference in the best way to do this.

Cigar Mike
Mike, don't fret it--I had the same reaction to the "no sale" comment. Some folks just don't get that you're in this for the fun and not for the business growth, etc. Hang in there, and I'm still praying for the time when you can work on a Super Sherpa center stand!

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